08 / 10 / 2022 Samstag // Konser
Futura Sound Observations: Dania LIVE + OKO DJ + Diamin + MTXLL

Futura Sound Observations: Dania LIVE + OKO DJ + Diamin + MTXLL
Amapola Ernst, a.k.a. DIAMIN, is a Dj, vinyl & collector. She worked in a record store in Buenos Aires for many years, where she started weaving her style and mixing techniques. Diamin sets cover a wide range of musical genres. She is a perfectionist and very concerned about the musical environment and atmosphere. Her detailed electronic music cartography explores techno's roots, focusing on how these sounds intersect with a bleep, breakbeat, electro and acid. However, outside the nightlife context, and in a more radio-friendly approach, she proposes a profile in more experimental directions, from ambient to industrial tribal explorations.
Since 2014 she has been part of the foundation of the DJs collective Family Affair in Buenos Aires, which is still active and influential on the local scene and beyond. She also ran a party called Transitions at the mythic club Cocoliche in Buenos Aires. Now she is a resident of MARICAS (Barcelona), Mutant Radio (Tbilisi), and Lacura (La Plata), and recently, she has launched the record label Tecnologías Elementales.

An architect of textured, neo-ambient soundscapes, Dania explores both sound and identity, focusing specifically on how the latter has fractured in a post-colonial world. Born in Baghdad, raised in Tasmania and now based in Barcelona, she moves between cultures and continents, her amorphous creative vision directly tied to her transient existence.
The founder of experimental outpost Paralaxe Editions, Dania divides her time between Spain and the remote corners of Australia, where she works as an emergency doctor. Her musical practice, however, is preoccupied with harmonics and tonality, weaving together manipulated vocal fragments, processed field recordings and meditative atmospheres
Playing both unreleased material and iterations of songs from her debut release Voz, Dania will be performing live, utilizing an array of machines to conjure an immersive, slow-motion sprawl of meditative textures, processed field recordings and manipulated fragments of her own voice. Sonically expansive and emotionally intimate, her music moves through ethereal melody and glorious devastation, its lush drift evoking the transience of Dania's own day-to-day existence.

Originally from Paris but based in Athens, Marine Tordjemann alias OKO DJ’s implacable rise to prominence has seen her establish as one of the finest DJs and producers to pace the world’s stages. Core element of Judaah’s Lyon-via-Marseilles operated label BFDM, close to the Bruits de la Passion collective in Paris, initiator of LYL Radio’s Parisian antenna where she hosts her bimestrial show Pu$$y Nightmare shining a light on female artists; all of that agenda having attracted her wider recognition on an international level.
Marine aims at exploring connections rather than divisions, bridging gaps rather than widening them. Dishing out distinctively rich, genre-busting tapestries that transcend all limitative roles, Tordjemann has the secret to channeling surrounding energies and forces in her art with unrestrained panache and authenticity.

"Little is known about her, she is a mysterious selector"

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